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Day 10 – Best Friends

What is best friends? Having someone in life that can share anything between. Like a problem and secret together. Being a good listener and giving advice to each other. Having a consistent meet time with friends.

More of us on who become an adult will have less closest friends. Some just have one or two that frequently contacting with us. Friends on college who closest with us will be hard to contact or meet because of their work and location difference. Having a friend that very close to them to share anything in life. It is based on the luck and privilege have friends from the high school, university and stay in the same city or same working place. Some of my friends who still communicate consistently with me are some of my university, whether come from same faculty or different.

I will talk about friend who come from the same hometown with me as because of the Corona pandemic some of us can meet last month even it is not all of us. We often play badminton together and hanging out together sometime. We have a consistent time to play badminton together (one a week) and having good time doing other things. Like doing a road trip togethers like this: Road Trip dan Home Stay ke Ciletuh. Even when together and having leisure time we playing games like UNO and Euchre cards. We play it hard and make tournament of it sometimes in one of friend boardinghouse.

Last but not least, for me, the definition of a friend is someone who is there when the ups and downs come, whether in you or your friend. Best friends have many perspective and very subjective to other, so I think having a friend who click with us in everything is hard to find. It is the one that always available and having a frequent communication with us.

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