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Day 11 – Talk about My Sister

My sister. Yes I have one and only blood relative sister. Her age is 3 years under mine.

We the type of siblings that miss each others when far away and fight when I went to the hometown.

We have been separated for 9 years, because I study and work outside the city, different island. Sometime I got home once a year to celebrate ramadhan and ied prayer.

We on the 6th month being together. Together until an unspecified time. Thanks to the pandemic of corona.

Yesterday, my sister took her oath as a doctor. She already finish the apprentice for two years and got the oath and become officially a doctor.

One kind of hard studying person in family. She is very different from me. Hahaha. Each day on her med school, she always studying until late night.

Now, she is teaching on a class. Online class. Teaching her junior, someone to be like her too. The students is come from various university.

Yes, I am a proud brother. To have a doctor in the family. 🙂

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