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Day 3 – Remembering a Childhood Memory

Vague, it is all that I know about my memory. I am not a good memory recorder like any other human beings. Yes I have memory to remember but its felt that I can not go to the details of every memory in my life. It’s like every memory is important in my life. That there is not any single memory gets to pop or emerge to be remembered clearly. Remembering things like this bring many emotions to me, because I know many memories since I was little. Since this writings tell about a memory, I choose the memory of my childhood. Malaysia become a witness of me and my family.

A fighter, a super mom with a baby in her tummy and a son to care fight  to get a better carrier. Get to the higher title of education.

The memory of the first computer and Nintendo the father had, so the son can play the Duck Hunt game.

An obligatory massage gave from son to dad by stepping to dad body. And it will be done when the son finish the mathematics multiplication memorisation.

A 3 year old boy get to start his education earliest. Learning alphabet on the kindergarten. That he can’t draw ‘E’ with the three fork on it so he draw many forks and it looks like a fence :’D

A boy that love to play dirt in the front of the house. Later he got some worms on the body.

The little boy that left alone with his sister at home. So he was very helpless on his little sisters whining and how to clean her poop.

A father that bring both his child play to the park and the rivers.

Saturday night family riding to the night market to have fun.

Obedient child that waited alone on the park from noon to evening because his dad took care of his mum that had crisis after childbirth.

Finally, the birthday party of him as a farewell to the kindergarten with a little cheek kiss for the boy from a beautiful little girl at the farewell :D.

A good life and good memories back then. With many things happen at that time. It gave many emotions for me to remember that things. I am still very grateful with every memory I have that I can cherish it with my family.

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