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Day 4 – Place I want to visit

Most people have their list of places they want to visit. On the detail of their list, they have the plan to get to the place: the timeline, itinerary, and the company they want to have to travel with. This type of places they want to go become one, two or three time visit. For example going to another cities in their country for leisure or going abroad for holiday. It’s generally known that most of people have this type of list including me. However, I will not share this type of place, so I can share the place that I can visit continuously. Is there a place for you to visit continuously? for daily basis, monthly or yearly?

The number one place that I want to visit continuously on daily basis is Mosque. A worship place for Moslems. No excuses to not go there as this place is the one mandatory place for a moslem man like me. The place to go when you have a problem or dilemma. Calming every human who have every problem in this world. Pouring out every problem they had to the one who created them. Hoping and asking that there will be solutions to it.

Yearly visit goes to the cemeteries. To respect the dead, the loved one, by saying a greetings and praying for them to guarantee them a peaceful sleep and better place hereafter. For moslems, we go to cemeteries before ied fitr, on ramadhan kariem. We go to the family grave which has preceded the living like us. We pray for them and clean the tomb from the weeds. This yearly visit gave me a reminder that someday we will become like them. Visiting the ground. Sleeping for unspecified range of time until we wake up again on the day of the judgmenet.

So, guys thats all I got. I hope I can consistently visit that place as a Moslem. Hoping all of moslem can still have a chance to get there, pray and share the love. This writing become a self reminder for me and for the reader out there that we tend to go somewhere beautiful, leisure, exclusive and fun, that we forgot to prepare for one last time visit on this world, death. Yes you can go anywhere you want in this world, but do not forget that the mandatory one is submitting and preparing yourself by doing good deeds and other things in order to go to better place hereafter.

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