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Day 5 – Letter to Parents in the World

Family Parents and Childrens
Parents and Childrens

A letter to every parents in the world. A parents that always support, accompany, and keeping in touch with their children.

Thank you.

That you bear us to the world. Patiently taking care of us. Providing healthy food and wearable clothes. Fork out good money for proper education. Giving us the very best you have.

We are Sorry.

For every best you gave, we think it is not enough. Some of us complaining for the insufficient. Then whining too much. Others behave deviantly, so we make you disappointed.

You know how grateful we are.

For the sufficiency that has been given. Some of us get to know you both. Then there are of us met only one of you. Others not knowing both of you. We were grateful that you hold us until we were born to this world.

Wish you a long life and good health.

Then you can see how success we become. Success on the career. Seeing us married and having a child to accompany you as grandchildren. Taking care of you as how you taking care of us when we were child.

PS: Sending love to my parents that always beside me. Writing those words above as I remembering every moments with them. They are irreplaceable. 
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