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Day 6 – Single and Happy

Relating single and happy, two adjective words is quite confusing. Kind of hard to get words about this topic. Single means you just you. Only you, taking care of your self alone. Happy means you feel positive and good about something.

By definition this word ‘single’ must have a contradictions in order to define it with word ‘happy’. There are many opposite of this word. For example girlfriend-boyfriend and married. This define differently in my opinion. Sometime, the person who single can be unhappy, whereas the one that not single can be happy too and vice versa.

To become happy whatever status you have is important. It is when ourself alone, we can do whatever we want and define happy by ourself. Contradict when we committing with someone, generally there will be requirements or something from them that will make us happy. We expecting something from them, later on they do not qualify to our expectations after some time and become unhappy with that. That is my opinion and I am not an expert on this things. In my opinions, single with happiness can be cumbersome to define. I can relate with the positive of word ‘single’, you will become free of yourself and do whatever you want. But some people can create a lifetime happiness by committing relationship, Why not?

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