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Day 7 – Favorite Movie

I am not a movie reviewer, but I will try to remember some movies. For your information, I like science fiction movies. The type that give a woah to me. An awesome logic of science but in fiction mode.

There is a reason why I like science fiction movies. Godzilla become the first science fiction movie I watch. Yes the 1998 Godzilla. My parents had the compact disc of this movie when I was in elementary school and it is also played repeatedly in local television. I am in love with the first scene of the movies that tell us about the history of Godzilla itself. Yes I know its not real. So I think, this not happen in ours, but happened in the parallel universe.

Since the Godzilla 1998. I have become an addict on sci-fi movies. Watching movies that bring out topic about space (Interstellar, Gravity, Ad Astra) and some kind of technology and superhero type movies (Marvel Studio movies). Nevertheless, I like to watch other movie genre too even my favourite movie genre is science fiction. I have watched The Shawshank Redemption and other movies. Like to watch movies in theatre if my friends ask to accompany them hehehe.

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