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Day 8 – The Power of Music in life

There are many use of music. Music have a power on our daily life. It gives us a perfect feeling. Whether you feeling blue, happy, anger, there is type of music that represents it. There are 3 power of music that I feel now in my life.

Productivity at work

Using headphone while working. Listening to the music. It increase productivity at work. After sprint meeting or other planning resulting tons of work list, whether new features, debugging and testing. Doing things like that to code it is better alone for me. By using headphones and listening to proper music is the best way to isolates and focus.


We have many ways to get along with friends like holidays, playing sports and karaoke. Yes, karaoke. Sing a song together and find a song that unite us all on the room is good to go. Some quality time together with friends. I used to do this once in a while with friends. There are many reasons why I choose karaoke, sometimes we bored and not seeing each other for too long. Then karaoke and eating together is good.

Holding my sleepy head of driving

This is the ultimate use of music. Hahaha. I am the type that will always feel drowsy when driving a car. So listening and singing along to some loud music is the best way to avoid that.

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