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Day 9 – How to define happiness in life

Defining Happiness? On this writings, I use my imaginations. Imagining a conversation with my cats. It sounds a little bit crazy, but I am doing for fun writings hahaha. There are many cats in my house. There are some like stay outside. Others like stay inside the house. They are all good cats.

Happiness in cat
Cats, Source Pixabay.com

My Cats

Timi, a striped white-black coloured cat, saved and found by my sister outside the house. She always pregnant and got many kid. Not all her kid have a good life chance. Many of them died. :'(

Johnson, a male dark grey cat, came out of no where. Always love playing with the everything long and thin. My phone charger always become his victim.

Brownie, a male striped white and brown colour. A house type cat. He is always stay inside the house. His hobby is peeing and pooping in the bed. Always climbing up and clinging to my body.

A long tail cat with striped of white and black, with no name. He is fierce like a lion. He do not want to be touched. If you touch him he will sheesh you.


One day, it’s time to give the cat food outside. I asked the cat.

Me: Define happy for me.

Timi: Well I am happy, when you always feed me bro. Feeding me with food made me happy, so I can milk my kid. I have kid and you know that I am not young anymore.

Johnson: Well if you like me, do not put a wire, rope or anything to my neck. It hurts. You can give me food and play with me, I am happy with that. Cant stay long though in the house, or I’ll scream from night until morning. So let me go outside.

Brownie: Well, I love every treatment you gave me. Not like them, you gave me premium food. Bathing me. and pet me.

Long tail chat: Sheesh. I do not like to be touched. So do not touch me.


Well, based on the cats. Happiness have different perspective. They will feel happy when some of their need is fulfilled. It is come within them sometimes, they just feel happy when I am around them, climbing and clinging to me, sleeping on the terrace, and playing around. Same with us, human, we had happiness too. Defining happiness in our perspective. Some find happiness within them, not depend on others or mood or situations. Others find it externally, from doing activity togethers through community or just their family.

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