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Fixing error and stuck: Installing Office 365

Microsoft Office is essential tools for people nowadays. Even using other type of tools, this one is used universally. So, today I got a problem that me and my sister need the excel power query, but its not working on her laptop as it install the older version of office, Microsoft Office 2010. The problem happened when I am installing the office 365 and it stuck too way long on one windows installer. It said “We’re getting things ready”. Been waiting since last night for hours and not resulting on anything. Later it show pop up error of registry that had to be fixed.


Good and stable internet connection. Make sure the office installation fit the bit of the Operating System used on the PC or Laptop. Whether its used 32 bit or 64 bit.

Office Setup exe



  1. Set the installer compability to Windows 8 [OfficeSetup.exe]

    Right click on OfficeSetup.exe > Properties
    On OfficeSetup Properties > Go to Compatibility tab
    Enable by check Run this progrram in compatibility mode for:
    Choose Windows 8 on the Dropdown
    Choose Apply and OK

  2. Run the OfficeSetup.exe as administrator

    Right Click > Run as adminisrators

  3. If an error pop up, just click OK

  4. Run the office installer again

    Run the office installer as administrator from step 2 until showing a window like this

  5. Wait for installation windows

    You have to wait for 1 to 5 minutes for the download and installation process pop up. Make sure the internet is stable to get the installation working properly


The installation process require 15 to 30 minutes if you have good internet connection. The installation window will notify you when its completed.

Yaay Finally its done
The Office Apps, Excel not included because I just opened it 😉

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